IDE Configuration

VS Code

For an out-of-tree MLIR project built with Bazel, install the following VS Code extensions:

  • llvm-vs-code-extensions.vscode-mlir: Adds language support for MLIR, PDLL, and TableGen.
  • llvm-vs-code-extensions.vscode-clangd: Adds clangd code completion using a generated compile_commands.json file.
  • bazelbuild.vscode-bazel: Support for Bazel.

You will also need to disable ms-vscode.cpptools to avoid a conflict with clangd.

Add the following snippet to your VS Code user settings found in .vscode/settings.json to enable autocomplete based on the compile_commands.json file.

   "clangd.arguments": [

To generate the compile_commands.json file, run

bazel run @hedron_compile_commands//:refresh_all

This will need to be regenerated every time you want tooling to see new BUILD file changes.

If you encounter errors like * not found, or syntax errors inside these files, you may need to build those targets and then re-run the refresh_all command above.

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